Multiple-Treatments Meta-analysis (MTM)

Meta-analysis is the statistical technique used to synthesize evidence from experiments addressing the same research question. It is often used to combine data from clinical trials regarding the relative effectiveness of two interventions in order, for example, to infer about whether antihypertensives A and B are equally effective in lowering blood pressure.
The main drawback of the current state of the art is that meta-analysis focuses on comparing only two alternatives. However, clinicians and patients need to know the relative ranking of a set of alternative options and not only whether option A is better than B.
The statistical methodology applied to synthesize information over a network of comparisons involving all alternative treatment options for the same condition is called Multiple-Treatments Meta-Analysis.

This site provides

  • an introduction to statistical and methodological issues related to MTM
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  • support to statisticians with the analysis of networks of interventions
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